Missed our Crowdfunding Panel at Geek Girl Tech Con?

Check it out now on here on GeekGirlTV!

Geek Girl was very excited to have a panel at Tech Con this year dedicated to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Crowdfunding platforms and campaigns, and what you need to know before you start one. Much can go right, but even more can go wrong. This panel shows you how to be prepared, how to maximize your efforts and the pitfalls of what to watch out for.

Check it out here!

Crowdfunding panel expertly produced by: Tempo Live Events

And professionally shot and edited by:  Good Natured Dog Productions

Our esteemed local panelists included:
Catt Fields White, San Diego Public Market – 146K
Austin Glenn, Jamboo Headphones – 20K
Shelly Bowen, Red Piggy Press & Pybop – 17K
Dane Cardiel, Manor House Quarterly – 10K
Nancy Spooner Bsharah, The Surf Date Book – 7K
Karl Kozak, Trakline Belts – 315K

Sponsored by: Chic CEO

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