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Geek Girl Tech Conference Cape Cod 2012

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Geek Girl TV Geek Girl Tech Con 2013: HP Vertica

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Danielle Sandahl the MarCom Professional from our Sponsor HP Vertica talking Twitter, being a Geek Girl and empowering women in tech!

Geek Girl Night at Microsoft NERD Center

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Women in San Diego Tech Startups Part 1

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What's it like to work for a Tech Startup? What's it like to be a Woman working for a Tech Startup? We were honored recently to have some of the coolest Geek Girls in San Diego to answer these questions! Adri...

Geek Girl Tech Con 2013: Verizon

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Geek Girl Tech Con 2013: Verizon talks about their day at Geek Girl  

How to Correct Images with Levels in Photoshop

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How to Use Contacts on Your Mac

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Sharkette Tank Pitch Fest at Geek Girl TechCon – Session 2

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Dive in to the Sharkette Tank! Startup Pitches , Session 2  Watch local San Diego startups and others vie for bragging rights in an exciting round of pitches to local celebrity judges. Hear them pitch, listen as th...

Sharkette Tank Part 1

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Dive in to the Sharkette Tank! Community Pitches from Local Women Tech Founders, Part 1 - sponsored by:           Part 1 featured the following female founders: Cynthi...

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