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How to Correct Images with Levels in Photoshop

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How to Use Contacts on Your Mac

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Sharkette Tank Part 1

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Dive in to the Sharkette Tank! Community Pitches from Local Women Tech Founders, Part 1 - sponsored by:           Part 1 featured the following female founders: Cynthi...

How to Get the Most Out of Mail on Your Mac

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What is Geek Girl TechCon?

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What is a Geek Girl Tech Con? Watch, Get excited, Attend! More at

What is Cloud Computing? Microsoft explains it all…

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Thanks to Christine Gannon and Melanie Gass AKA The Microsoft Princess as they answer that all important question...What is Cloud Computing?

How to Take Better Pictures with Any Camera

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How to Use Calendars on Your Mac

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Alecia Explains what Geek Girl is All About…

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Alecia Jean Orsini Lebeda...whew...that's a mouth full...AKA Geek Girl #26, explains what it is like being a Geek Girl and what she will be teaching at Geek Girl Tech Con!

Geek Girl TechCon in 2 Minutes! Ka-POW!

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So you've never been to a Geek Girl TechCon. Our first question is, WHY? That's okay, Young Padowan, we will take you to TechCon and for 2 minutes, you will just know this is where YOU need to be! This was filmed at o...

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